Learning to Draw in a Flash

The finished duplicate of the sample stop sign image.

Part 1: First, I imported the sample picture into the library of Flash. From there, I opened a new window where I could duplicate the image. Using the eyedropper tool, I sampled the background color for the setting of my stage. Next, using the eyedropper tool again to match the colors and the polygon tool, I created an eight sided polygon with a white stroke color, 4 point stroke, and the same red fill used in the sample photo. I then created a text box and chose a font that had a similar style to the sample photo, Franklin Gothic Medium. For the bolts, I utilized the oval tool with a second circle with a different fill on the inside. Finally, I used the rectangle tool to create the poll in which the sign sits. In attempt to duplicate the 3D nature of the sample photo, I used the Deco Tool to create the effect.

Part 2:  

An outline of Lisa Simpson.

Using the pen tool was very difficult for me. I had to go back through the tutorial at least once to get a grasp on how to get how to use the lines and the bezier curves to trace the object. As seen in the snapshot, I had difficulties creating the more smooth lines and curves around the eyes and mouth. Essentially, my process consisted of creating small lines that connect together with the occasional bezier curve to go around curves.

Part 3:

Using the align tool, these objects were evenly spaced and lined up around the boarder of the screen.

Using the align tool was the easiest for me to learn and to use.  I started by watching the tutorial on Lynda.com. Then, I downloaded the images onto a new window in Flash. I grouped the objects to make it easier to select the group I wanted to align. I set the upper left corner border, the right corner border and I continued to align the objects accordingly.

Part 4:

A visual representation of the difference between Merge Drawing and Object Drawing in Flash.

Merge drawing combines shapes on the same layer. Object drawing is when objects are grouped together, not together on the same layer. When in Flash, Object drawing shapes are individual shapes, as opposed to merge drawing objects the objects, and do not combine on the same layer. Merge drawing objects, when separated, have cut outs where the objects are overlapping.

Part 5:

Vector graphics are created through mathematical equations using lines, squares, polygons which consequentially make images look more uniform and clear with a zoomed in view. Bitmap graphics are pixels of different colors and transparencies that make an image look blurry when zoomed in on the graphic. Adobe Flash uses the vector graphics. This idea is important because we are creating images and graphics for our game in this class. In the future, it will be important to keep in mind that the graphics being used will look more aesthetically pleasing to the player of the game.

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