Flash Homework #1

(1) The stop sign I began by checking the dimensions and making sure the rectangular background  I made matched that. The dropper was used for color matching and I may have messed up on which method I used to originally draw my objects 🙂

(2) Lisa wasn’t too bad altogether, just zooming 400% to ensure the lines weren’t too messy. A weight of 2 sufficed to make her look nice, and I felt a Springfield Green / teal looked nicely enough. Getting the paint bucket operable was tough for me.

(3) The arrange exercise was a fun one! Nice and simple, but I’d lie if I said it didn’t appeal to the OCD in me. I can imagine this being quite handy in the future!

(4) The difference (chief) between merge and object drawing rests on how the image itself is affected when you try and move ungrouped components. Object drawn images moved will not change the other images they may rest upon when moved, yet merge-drawb objects only let you moved “the fill” as seen in the example below:

(5) Bitmap images use pixels (geometric shapes) while vectors use lines (determined by mathematical statistics). This is most important for us in the area of resizing, in which bitmap images become blurry and distorted while vector-based images retain their sharpness, which is a most definite plus.


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I am a college student working on a dual degree in Accounting and Finance. I enjoy (free time permitting) collecting science fiction replicas and assorted collectibles, as well as real-time strategy games and exercising.
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