Andrew M’s Flash

1.For the Stop sign, I made the picture a layer and drew a black octagon outline over it with the pen, then I adjusted the width until the white outline was blacked out and changed the color to white. Then I used the rectangle tool for the post and a text box for the text (I was really close to making it a “SOP” sign in honor of the Simpsons). Other than the white text, I used the eyedropper tool for all of the other colors, then deleted the original layer.

2. Then, I used the pen tool again to outline Lisa, which I liked. Bending your line to make it a curve is tough with the pen tool, but I started to get the hang of it, although I mostly used short, straight lines. I then filled her in with some white, kidding, I couldn’t get the fill to work…

3. First I grouped all the objects in their groups, and lined them up along a side of the frame, with the penguins as cornerstones. I selected all six objects along each side, choosing to align (left, right, top, bottom) and make the width/height between them equal in the align menu. Each penguin was aligned twice.

4. The difference in how “merge drawing” and “object drawing” affect the objects is in the title. Merge treats the objects as one, they overlap and cover each other as a single unit, while object treats each object seperately and the object do not affect each other.

5. Vector mapping draws shapes in infinite lines that with look straight and smooth no matter how close you get. While bitmap is made of tiny dots call pixels. From afar they look similar, but bitmap will be blotchy the closer you get, on account of whatever the pixel ratio is.


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