Flash Homework

1. First, I opened the original image in Flash and used the eyedropper tool to copy the color of the sky onto the stage. Next, I used the polygon tool to make the stop sign and used the eyedropper tool again to mimic one of the reds. I used the line tool with a stroke of 6.75 to draw the white outline, and I inserted a text box for the word STOP. Finally, I used the rectangle and oval tools for the sign post and screws.

2. The pen tool was very hard for me to use. I struggled especially with lining up the curved lines exactly to the shape of Lisa. I had to watch the tutorial on Lynda several times and still couldn’t seem to get it right. Finally, I turned on the onion skin, zoomed in to make the image very large, and just used a series of very small, straight lines.

3.  The align tool was the easiest to use, and I got the hang of it quickly. First, I dowloaded the icons and quickly watched the Lynda tutorial. Second, I clicked and dragged the icons into groups so they would be easier to select. Then, I selected one group at a time and opened the align toolbar to simply click align to whichever side I was aiming for and then click space evenly.

4. The main difference between merge drawing and object drawing is what happens after you click and drag an object that is overlapping with another. With merge drawing selected, if you move an object that is on top of a second object, the second object has a space where the first object was. With object drawing selected, two overlapping objects do not affect each other. You can move the objects however you want and they remain separate and completely in tact

5. The difference between bitmap graphics and vector graphics is that bitmaps use pixels while vectors use lines. Pixels are essentially tiny dots of color. Therefore, if you zoom in on a bitmap image, you can see the individual dots that make up the image. Vector graphics are a lot smoother, even when you are zoomed in. This is because the lines that make up a vector image are based on mathematical equations, and these equations do not change no matter how you alter the size of the image. Pixels, however, do not look right unless the bitmap image remains its original size.

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