Flash Assignment 1 – Jon

1. For the Stop Sign, I first imported the image into the library and from there put it on a different window so that I can use the Eydropper Tool to get the exact color of the stop sign. During the process, I did not know how to send things back or forward, so that was a little frustrating. But i then learned the hotkey ctrl + shift + up/down key and everything was fine. For the text, I used Gothic Bold Standard and around 130 point font with around 3.0 spacing (for my image size). But I was still a little confused about the little specks on the sign pole, which I used the Deco Tool’s 3D Brush to make a similar effect. Also, I could not get the stop sign to look a little warped.

2. Tracing Lisa Simpson was pretty difficult for me. I couldn’t quite understand how to use the pen tool to bend lines into the shapes you want. Thus I just plotted a lot of little lines to not make lisa look too much like a Lego statue. Also, I had difficulty using the paint bucket on Lisa after I traced her. I tried changing the gap sizes and everything else I could think of, but to no avail. 😦

3. I really enjoyed the alignment tool in Flash. Basically, all I did was organize the icons. I started up top with six and set top alignment. Then I added, evenly, to both sides and set right and left alignment. Lastly I added the remaining four icons into the bottom row and set bottom alignment. A couple rows of icons did move the top rows even spacing, so I just redistributed the space above and made sure the bottom was also spaced the same way.

Merge Drawing

4. First of all the difference between a merge and object drawing is the selection. When you select an object drawing and then drag it around, the entire shape is intact and does not affect the other shapes. However,

Object Drawing

If you select a merge drawing shape, you will only select the fill (not the stroke) and be able to move that part of the shape. Moreover, if the merge drawing is created overlapping a merge drawing shape and if you decide to move it, the other shape that is drawn on will become merged with the merge shape you have just created.

5. From my understanding of vector and bitmap graphics, bitmap graphics are based of of the pixel resolution. For instance, if we magnified a bitmap picture, the enlarged image would look very rough or “pixelated.” Vector graphics, on the other hand, do not have this quality. Instead, the image uses formulated equations to draw draw lines and shapes and will always be sharp and offer a “clean-cut” look. However, both of these types of graphics allow for different advantages in various circumstances. My guess is that vector graphics are better when used to create graphics for settings like Flash or Illustrator that gives a more “cartoon” look while bitmap graphics would work better in depicting real-life photographs.



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Hello! My name is Jon and I am currently a to-be Web Development Immersive student at General Assembly Hong Kong! I graduated with a double major in Business Marketing and Communications. In my spare time, I enjoy building computers, cooking, golfing, reading, and watching TV shows (e.g. Fringe, Breaking Bad, GoT, Sherlock, Parks and Rec, The Office, South Park, Futurama).
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