Flash HW for 9/13 – Chris

For the stop sign, I started with a filled blue background (or blue rectangle would suffice) then I created an 8-sided polygon that was red with a 12.50 white stroke on the outside. I created a text box within the Stop sign to create STOP but couldn’t figure out the correct text/spacing, used a large paintbrush to use do the gray nuts and a gray rectangle box that was the post. I shaded the left side of the post with a darker gray but it didn’t turn out looking too good. To match the background blue/sign red, I used the eyedropper tool and took it directly from the photograph Dr. Delweche gave us.

The tracing of Lisa Simpson was a struggle and took about 20 minutes to complete. I slowly dragged my mouse up and down to create the curves necessary for Lisa’s shoulder’s, pearls, and eyes. Otherwise, it was all completely connect the dots and keeping the lines sharp. I couldn’t fill in Lisa, and I made sure everything that combined, unionized, with no openings between lines.

For the spacing and alignment, I set my four corners, aligned the other items into a relative square, then used the align left, right, top edge, or bottom edge to get the items in a box. Then for each of the 4 sides, I used equal spacing which made it turn out like this:

Merge drawing combines shapes to overlap on the SAME layer. Object drawing does not combine shapes, but the overlap is noticeable because they are on DIFFERENT layers. The merge drawing means that objects overlapping will “cut the part out” while the object drawing does not interfere with another object and keeps it the same.

Vector graphics used geometric shapes like lines, circles, and polygons based on mathematical equations and create images with the information. Bitmap (raster) graphics are rectangular pixels and is correlated to the height and width of the pixel AKA the number of bits per pixel and pixels combine to create the image. When an area of a photo is zoomed in, bitmap graphics will become blurry and square, while vector graphics will keep the same clarity. The is important to us because if you are going to make a game (which is the ultimate goal of this class) we should know what graphics make the game look better to viewers.


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