DIY: Potato Chip Bag Wallet

The nature of this project was definitely very crafty and includes quite a bit of sewing, measuring and cutting. Above all though, the nature of this project was unusual because the other options seemed practical on some level: people do eat goat cheese and laptops do need to be warm. Because it was quite unusual, my first concern was how to make such a thing. When I realized it would require sewing, my concerns became being unable to sew and being unable to sew without poking my fingers.

When I started the project, however, I realized that the material I was working with was the biggest problem. The chip bag was kind of flimsy and it was tough at first to sew it without ripping through. The bag was also greasy and difficult to hold onto, and it didn’t really hold form, so I cut piece of cardboard out to give my wallet a “backbone”.

The first source I found on sewing was at our Library, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sewing”. This was written by Lydia Wills, a literary agent “who sidelines as a seamstress” according to her author bio. Other internet sources such as and are made by professional/independent fashion designers. These were are very helpful, each offering little nuggets of advice that proved very helpful, although it was tough to reenact their instructions without a visual. Overall, I’m more of a hands-on guy, so the video tutorials on the website was more helpful than a simple list spelling out what needs to be done. Most helpful though, were the personal interactions that I had. My girlfriend took costume tech last semester and showed me how to sew in a straighter line, while the doctor that sutured my thumb said the best way to sew is “carefully,” while also showing me how to easily use the needle to create a knot in the thread. While each person only knew a couple specific things, such as how to fold the fabric to make sewing easier, they were practical and the most important advice I received.


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