DIY: Popsicle Molds and Popsicles

Making popsicles and their molds is actually harder than you would think! My first though when starting this project was, how was I going to make a mold.

Most of the tutorials online use yogurt cups or ice trays  to make popsicles. I found that the articles with step by step pictures were the most helpful. I used small pieces of each article to help me figure out how I was going to make my popsicles. I found most of the articles credible so I trusted them to help me in my project. When I thought about it that wasn’t actually making a mold. I don’t exactly know how to pour plastic  metal so I decided I would attempt to make a mold out of foil. This failed several times just to leak everywhere on my desk. I had to transform something creative into a popsicle mold.

The materials I used for my popsicles.

I had problems with foil at first and had to find something else. After exploring Michael’s, I found some plastic containers that are used to make sand art. They were made out of a soft plastic that seemed like it was easy to cut. They worked fine until closer towards the end I found that when trying to cut the plastic container off of the popsicle it was cutting the popsicle in half too. I just figured that I couldn’t put as much pressure and I was going to have to do it over again. I also had problems finding a juice that would freeze all the way. I tried orange juice at first but it didn’t work so I switched to something that didn’t have as much pulp. The lemonade I used in the video works very well and tastes delicious. I plan on doing this again but on a bigger scale since now I have practice.


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