Tablet Games – Chris

I chatted with Veronica, Felicia, Jessica, Haley, and Andrew Moritz. I learned that Andrew is from Chicago and he likes snowball fights, it’s what he misses most about his childhood.

My favorite game was God Finger, which I played with Haley, because it was very easy to understand, get running, and there was a tutorial as you went, which allowed you to not spend too much time in the beginning before starting gameplay. It had the most responsive mechanics while vaguely resembling Little Big Planet in terms of graphics. The game I really disliked was Monster Mouth DDS because I felt like it should have been a very easy game to pick up, start, and succeed at, but I struggled for a very long time trying to experiment with many techniques.

The way designers took advantage of the tablet interface was all the touch/drag systems and making your finger the cursor, making you feel like YOU were controlling the game.

The gameplay and mechanics that I found the most interesting was God Finger because it really made your finger feel like God (I know it’s repetitive, but it’s the only way I know how to say you have the power to have people follow you, create farms, make trees, and produce rain). It touched the human idea of wanting to control a population/planet come true.


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