Tablet Games – Andrew Coe

Let’s see, I chatted with Jessica, Jon, Haley, Veronica and Matt K. I learned that there are a lot of seniors in this class and a lot of people live off campus. Jessica and I both have dogs that we rescued. Jon likes old school games. Haley rides her bike to school when its not too hot. Veronica and I both hated naught and Matt doesn’t know any songs that he didn’t know the words to.

I really liked Zombie Highway. It was far and away the best game I played. You Don’t Know Jack was good as well. Naught was the worst. Bug heroes was good but it was a little too complicated for a tablet game I thought with the joystick control. Finally, Air Hockey was the same as it was before. I have that one on my iPod touch. Most of the games I played used the touchscreen exclusively but Zombie Highway actually used the tilt of the entire tablet which I thought was super cool. The most visually interesting was probably Naught, which is unfortunate as it was the worst as far as gameplay is concerned.

Naught. Terrible game. Cool graphics.


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College student at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX majoring in Communications.
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