Tablet Games 101

     My partners were Andrew C., Shep, Chris, Matt K., and Erin. It’s always nice to meet new people and the ice breakers allowed me to learn new things about my classmates. Andrew has a dog named Daisy. Shep is surprisingly good at guessing answers to trivia questions. Chris was able to fly a kite on an almost wind-less day. Matt is studying abroad in Spain next semester. Erin and I are both San Antonio natives.

My favorite games were Chicktionary and You Don’t Know Jack. I’m not a huge fan of the action games. I prefer puzzles and brainteasers. Chicktionary is almost exactly like Text Twist, one of my favorite casual games. You Don’t Know Jack was a basic question-and-answer trivia game, but with a comical (and somewhat inappropriate) twist. I especially disliked Awakening: Moonfell Wood. My partner and I weren’t even able to figure out how to play and remained on the same screen for the entire 10 minutes.

Some games only used simple tapping (Chicktionary) while others used dragging (Naught). The most interesting use of the tablet interface was in Bug Heroes. Instead of just dragging your finger across the screen to control the characters, you are provided with a type of joystick. This made it feel more like a computer or console game.

For me, the most visually interesting game was You Don’t Know Jack. While it had the simplest mechanics (tapping on your selected answer), it was the most visually stimulating. There were a lot of bright colors and fast-paced animation. Words would flash quickly across the screen so you had to read quickly to keep up. This technique gave me a sense of urgency/excitement while playing — not something you would expect from a trivia game.

Although it was the most frustrating game, I thought that Naught had the most interesting mechanics. You are only dragging your finger across the screen, but you are controlling the setting instead of the character. In most games, you control the character. In this game, you control the surroundings and the character reacts. In terms of mechanics, this game was very different.

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