Not into “Naught”

Tonight, I got to meet Rachel for the first time and talk more in-depth with Matt, Veronica, Chris and Andrew M. The most interesting fact that I learned has to do with violence. Unbeknown to me, and probably most people, Chris liked to fight as a child (BEWARE!). Also, even though I have known Veronica for a long period of time, I never knew that she also aspires to be Lara Croft from “Tomb Raider.”

After playing the games tonight, I have realized that I enjoy simple games. What surprised me the most was my fascination with Awakening. Initially, I assessed this game as something more far fetched than I typically enjoy, but the mechanics of the game were actually fun and entertaining. With that said, I did not enjoy Naught. I can probably speak for most people in saying that it is not an easy game to play and it is frustrating.

Being a touch interface, all of the games require either a simple touch control or a tap and drag control. Most of the games have some sort of direct explanation/hint function for directing the player to the next goal or focus of the level. Others simply offer a few options for the player to choose from in order to continue on in the game i.e. a question and answer interaction.

This is a screen shot of "God Finger" zoomed all the way out.

The game that I thought utilized the functionality of the iPad the best was God Finger. This interface is primarily a tap and drag system, but one aspect that this game utilizes is the zoom option that most technology with iOS use. Being able to zoom, adds another level of complexity and perspective to the game.

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