Naught so Bad…..

Looks so good. Plays so Bad.

I was paired with Chris, Matt, both Andrews and Felicia. Chris and I talked about what we missed most about our childhood. Matt took notes on how I brush my teeth when I wake up, and we discussed our DIY projects. Andrew M wouldn’t be able to have a serious conversation for 3 hours so he would like to talk to Mark Cuban. Andrew C and I have a serious dislike for Naught, and Felicia and I have similar tastes in movies. It was nice to get to chat before our little adventures into these games.

My favorite out of the games I played tonight would definitely be You Don’t Know Jack. It was amusing and entertaining. The least favorite was Naught. It looked so cool but I could not get anywhere with that game. It also took awhile to figure it out. I also didn’t really like Monster Mouths. It was kinda gross and took awhile to figure out exactly how the interface worked.

The game that I like that used the tablet interface well was Bug Heroes. There was a tapping as well as a dragging element that I liked. Monster Mouth also took advantage of the tablet interface (I just couldn’t get over that we were brushing a monster’s teeth). Surprisingly I loved the black and white element of Naught. If the buttons were not so sensitive or the game just a little easier to master, I feel that many more people could have been fans.

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