Naught Easy

   Tonights games had a wide variety. It was nice meeting Andrew (with whom I had worked with before on the casual game session), Rachel, Jon, Shep, and Jessica. Jon had a really funny story about a bus ride in China and Shep showed me a really funny video on YouTube of Anderson Cooper cracking up on air over pee puns.  

   Out of the five game si played: Awakening: Moonfell Woods, Monster Mouth DDS, Monkey Island 2, Bug Heroes, and Naught; I have to say that My favorite was Monster Mouth DDS. The game was simple and somewhat easy to learn how to play. It is definetly a game for all ages. I feel like even children would appreciate the cartoon like graphics.

   My least favorite game was definitely Naught. I will never play that game again. There is no color, so the distinction between enemies and background does not exist. The controls are too hard and the cat is almost virtually uncontrollable.  Every time I feel through a whole in the black darkness I hit an enemy that I didn’t even know was an enemy.

   Designers mostly used the tablet interface for the wide range of motions you can do with your fingers on the touch pads. Some games had you brushing teeth while others had you running and shooting all with your fingers. So games though, I felt, didn’t really use the full advantage of the tablet interface; for example, the game Awakening: Moonfell Wood, only had the player tapping. This can get kind of boring and monotonous.

Screenshot from an "I Spy" type puzzle in the game Awakening: Moonfell Wood.

The most visually pleasing game I played would probably be Awakening: Moonfell Wood. For being such a cheesy storyline (you’re a princess whose been asleep for a hundred years and your following a fairy through the woods), the graphics were very aesthetically pleasing. The backgrounds and characters looked like paintings.



The game mechanics in Bug heroes was the most interesting. It was almost like an old arcade game where you had a joystick to move around and button to shoot. It was better than the games where you just had to tap.

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