Lots of fun, but “Naught” for some

I met five people I didn’t know before tonight: Jon, Chris, Andrew C., Rachel, and Shep. I typically just learned basic information about them, like what year they were, and where they lived. The ice breaker questions were nice, because they added a different level to getting to know someone, and even provided some humorous moments. I found out how smart Shep was when he answered the question, “if you could do something and not fail, what would it be?”, with, “the lottery”. Genius. Then it was a lot of fun interacting together while playing our games, since we got to experience the joys or frustrations together. I’m glad we did this, because it makes the class feel a lot closer.

My favorite games were God Finger, You Don’t Know Jack, and Zombie Highway. I really did not like Naught, because I couldn’t figure out the objective really, and it was hard. I was a little indifferent to Monkey Island 2, because it was mostly just narrative, and I wasn’t sure how to actually play the game.

All of the games required touch-screen activation, obviously, because that’s the only way to maneuver the tablet; however, that allowed the games different options, like in Zombie Highway you could hold the tablet like a steering wheel to drive your car. In God Finger, Chris and I enjoyed throwing our followers around our world because it would rate you on how far you threw them. Naught was difficult because you had to rotate the scene, and it took a while to figure out which way moved the scene right/left, adding to my dislike and frustration with it.

Screenshot from tablet game, You Don't Know Jack.

I really enjoyed You Don’t Know Jack, because it was very showy, and had things flying in and around the screen. A lot of different noises also accompanied the actions that would be produced on the screen, like the “whoosh” sound when words were falling into empty space and you didn’t click the right one fast enough.

I think Zombie Highway had the best game mechanics, because you could drive the car by holding the tablet like a steering wheel, and then shooting at the zombies while they attacked the car was easier when I finally noticed the specific buttons to push to shoot front and back windows. It was just one of the games I kept wanting to play again and again.

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