Exercise: Tablet Games

By now, you have played at least five different tablet games and had the (somewhat contrived) opportunity to chat with five different classmates. In a short (3-4 paragraph) blog posting, document your impressions of this evening’s activity.

  • Who did you chat with? (Note: Yes, it is grammatically incorrect to end a sentence with a preposition, but it sounds uptight to say “With whom did you chat?”) What were some of the interesting things you learned during these conversations?
  • Of all the games you investigated, which were your favorite? Were there any games that you really disliked?
  • Reflecting on the games you played, what were the different ways that the game designers took advantage of the tablet interface? How were players supposed to use the tablet to control the game?
  • Which game did you find to be most visually interesting? (Upload a screen shot.)
  • Which game’s mechanics/gameplay did you find to be most entertaining?

That’s it! Remember to quickly proof your posting, add a unique/creative title, and be sure to assign the “Exercise: Tablet Games” category to your posting.

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