Death to Zombies

I chatted with at least three people I had not previously known. It was interesting to learn that Jon liked the Power Rangers and Batman as a kid; two pretty great shows. We agreed that they no longer make cartoons the way they used to. I also learned that Shep would take a chance and visit the future, should he create a time machine.

Of the games that we explored Zombie Highway was definitely the most enjoyable. The mechanics were simple but rewarding. It did not take me long to get hooked. Monster mouth was possibly the least exciting, but Naught wins the award for most frustrating. It was difficult to manipulate and just as hard to tell which surfaces were ‘dangerous.’ In terms of utilizing the iPad, Zombie Highway comes in first again. The steering-while-shooting mechanics took full advantage of the tablet interface. You don’t know Jack was perhaps the least interactive of the games I played, but this was not necessarily a disadvantage.

Zombie Highway scored well for visual aspects as well as game mechanics.

Naught was one of the more visually interesting games; there was certainly an interesting aesthetic component. The dark, underworld had a neat feel and I gave it a 7. However, this is a tie with Zombie Highway which was reminiscent of Fallen Earth. Further, Zombie Highway this game scored an 8 for me in terms of mechanics. As I mentioned before they were simple but totally enjoyable. It took me a while to figure out all the nuances, but once I did it became addictive.

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