Andrew’s time with Tablet games

I had fun and learned a lot playing these games with classmates tonight. For example, Felicia has never seen an interesting Halloween costume, Veronica is disappointed with this Astros this year (me too), and Chris likes pretty flowers in the springtime. Most of the games were quite enjoyable also, my favorite being Bug Heroes, although I do have Zombie Highway on my phone.

Bug Heroes was cool, not only because of the discriminatory bugs, but also because the tablet format is used very effectively. The controls are on the far edges of the screen, allowing the player to see a larger portion of the stage and locate enemies easier. The worst use of the tablet was the role playing games like Awakening and Monkey Island 2. Air Hockey and Monster Mouth required the touchscreen tablet for their gameplay, and while monotonous, it works quite well.

The role playing game Awakening did have cool visuals though, I felt like I was in a Disney princess movie, definitely accomplished what they were going for. My favorite games mechanics were from Bug Heroes,and maybe that’s just because it was very much like a console game as far as controls. The iPad needs to be held by two hands with the thumbs moving and controlling the character’s actions, with different weapon options along the bottom of the screen.


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