Drawing on Flash: It’s Either a Clown or a Bear

My masterpiece.

I’m not quite sure what I just drew on Flash, but the process was easy enough. I like this method of software training. I thought the narrator spoke at a perfect pace and the video of his screen was nice and clear. I also really appreciated how his tutorials were divided up (with larger chapters made up of quick, 1-3 minute clips). This made it easy to go back and find specific things that I forgot or was confused about. As far as video tutorials go, this was one of the best I’ve used. I rarely had to pause, rewind, etc.

Usually I just Google specific questions/problems and read about them on various sites–this tends to produce quicker results for me. With class time dedicated to learning Flash, however, this slower, more comprehensive approach is really nice. I’ll probably end up using a mix of Lynda.com and miscellaneous websites when I use Flash outside of class. It was a pleasant, clear way of learning how to use the drawing tools.

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