Whatever the heck this is

I tried to make my picture with line, shape, and deco designs.

I appreciate this kind of software training because I can look back and forth from each screen and mimic what the instructor is telling me to do. This would be the best kind of training for future projects. The explanations were clear, albeit a bit fast, but that’s what the pause button is for. It was a bit of a struggle on my end just fumbling around with the different buttons, but that was my fault, not the tutorial.

I am a classic keyboard computer kind of guy, so I feel like having an iPad would inhibit my learning experience because I’m still clumsy with the touch keyboards. In order for me to get things done quickly and correctly, I would need a desktop or laptop computer. A touch computer would help me make shape and everything quicker, but the constant zooming in and out would be too much for me.

After doing lynda.com tutorials again for part 2 of shape, my opinion has not changed. I appreciate being able to go back and forth to create an image easily after seeing the tools and how they work. The only problem I had with today tutorial is the pen tool, but it sounds like something I will struggle with no matter what.


About ckradle

Senior Political Science/Communication major from Eagan, MN
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