My Vector Rocket Ship (UPDATE: And Cell)

It's space ready

For my Flash drawing demo, I made a simple rocket ship with the oval tool, the primitive oval tool, and the primitive rectangle tool. I’ve worked with basic shapes in Photoshop before, but I was surprised to see how different things were in Flash. The primitive tools were great for creating partial ovals (for my thrusters) and my rounded windshield, both of which would take a few extra keystrokes in Photoshop. The concepts seem simple enough, and I’m excited to play more with them.

I used object drawing for my creation because it’s more familiar to me. I was surprised to learn about merge drawing, because it’s so different from other drawing tools I’ve used, and I don’t yet understand its advantages. Why would you want parts of shapes to be destroyed by going behind another shape? Isn’t that what layers are for? I’m sure there are reasons for implementing it, and I’m sure I’ll learn them soon, but right now the concept makes little sense.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

UPDATE: I’m starting to have a better understanding of merge drawing after watching more lessons. I used all merge shapes to create a cell, complete with amorphous cell membrane by manipulating a merge oval, a nucleus and nucleolus, a mitochondria (created with the pen tool), and some ribosomes created with the brush tool.

Obviously it’s not the most beautiful shape, nor am I much of an artist, but I can’t believe how easy it is to manipulate objects like clay. I think I’ll learn to like it a lot in time. There are so many options available for every tool, particularly the brush tool, it’s clear that I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of object creation in Flash.


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