First Day of Flash Drawing


This worked pretty well for me. I personally don’t like watching and doing at the same time. I prefer to watch all of the videos and then fidget around with it and go back if I need it. So while the iPad


idea is cool, it doesn’t really do anything for me. In fact it would be easier for me to just have a tab open with the Lynda website on it and watch all the videos there and then just switch over to Flash or Photoshop from there, which is what I did. It may be completely different for someone else though.

As far as the Lynda tutorials went I thought they were well done and thorough. I was able to imitate pretty much everything he did. The only complaint I would have is that once or twice the narrator used some technical jargon that didn’t make sense to me. But I was able to do some of the stuff he did. I used a couple different things on the Deco tool and I also used the primitive rectangle tool and the oval tool.

Photo 2:

Only God knows what in the world this is


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College student at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX majoring in Communications.
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