I really liked having the video tutorials for software training. It helps to have someone

A little house and tree.

talking you through the steps as he’s showing you; however, it doesn’t quite beat having someone help you in person, just because there always seems to be a question or two that is not covered. The instructor made things pretty clear, but I was still a little unsure about when it would be appropriate to use object drawing versus merge drawing.

For my picture I used the rectangle tool, oval tool, brush tool, and deco tool. For the most part it went pretty smoothly, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to place the rectangle door and oval windows on top of the house. I went back to the tutorial and watched it again, trying to see if I missed something, and then I realized I had to be on object drawing. This was one nice feature about a video tutorial, that you can just go right back and rewatch it if you forget or miss out on something.

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