Red Remover

1. What is the name of this game? 

Screen shot of Red Remover

Physics and blocks and pits, oh my!

Red Remover

2. What is the game’s genre?


3. Where on the Internet is this game located? (If possible, please include a hyperlink that points toward the game’s location.)

NewGrounds: Red Remover

4. What are the primary and secondary objectives in this game?

The Primary objective: Remove the red squares while saving the green.

The Secondary objective: Do so quickly with the least amount of clicks.

5. What are the core mechanics in this game? 

Use mouse to click on red or purple squares, in an attempt to get the red blocks to fall of the screen with the green blocks stay. Some levels are static and some start in motion, so reaction time is also important.

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rank the game overall in terms of graphic design? After giving the rating, identify up to four adjectives that describe the game’s design aesthetic, and identify at least one similar media product.

Rating: 6

Adjectives: Bright, simple, whimsical and blocky.

Similar: Reminds me of lemmings

7. What company or individual makes this game? Where are they based? What is their apparent strategy for monetizing the game?

The gamehomepage, North Wales. Don’t know aboput monetizing, but it is all over the web and on iPhone.


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