Plants vs. Zombies

1. What is the name of this game? 

Plants vs. Zombies

Screen shot of Plants vs Zombies

The oncoming horde!

2. What is the game’s genre?

Tower Defense

3. Where on the Internet is this game located? (If possible, please include a hyperlink that points toward the game’s location.)

Web Version, Windows, Mac, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Android, Apple Store, Amazon Store, PS3


4. What are the primary and secondary objectives in this game?

Primary Objective: Stop the Zombies from reaching the otherside of the screen.

Secondary Objective: Collect the various “cards” that allow you to build various helpful plant “towers”

What are the core mechanics in this game? 

You use the cursor to select various plant types and place them on three rows of walkways that zombies will come through and you must strategize your build and complement the correct makeup of plants to get past levels  The other element is the sunlight as a “resource” or currency to build other plants to defend against zombies.
6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rank the game overall in terms of graphic design? After giving the rating, identify up to four adjectives that describe the game’s design aesthetic, and identify at least one similar media product. 
Rating: 8.5
Similar: The Simpsons/Futurama
4 adjectives: comic, adorable, creepy, and

7/10,It  is is a neat little cartoonie game like Disney movies

7. What company or individual makes this game? Where are they based? What is their apparent strategy for monetizing the game? 


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