Paperboy 2

Game over!

1. What is the name of this game? 

Paperboy 2

2. What is the game’s genre?


3. Where on the Internet is this game located? (If possible, please include a hyperlink that points toward the game’s location.)

Free classic 80’s games website

4. What are the primary and secondary objectives in this game?

Primary objective: Throw newspapers right on the houses’ front porches

Secondary objective: Not to crash or get killed by a car

5. What are the core mechanics in this game? 

  • User maneuvers paperboy along the street by keyboard arrows and throws the newspapers either right or left with specific keys

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rank the game overall in terms of graphic design? After giving the rating, identify up to four adjectives that describe the game’s design aesthetic, and identify at least one similar media product. 

Rating: 2.
Adjectives: pixelated, bright, cheesy, easy to understand

Similar:  Asteroids (in terms of quality of image)

7. What company or individual makes this game? Where are they based? What is their apparent strategy for monetizing the game? 

Made by Atari Games in 1984. It was originally designed for a video game consul in which customers would purchase the game. The online version must rely on advertisements on the website.

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