Veronica Partridge

This is my niece Apryl. My family is a very active part of my life.

This is my niece Apryl. My family is a very active part of my life.

My name is Veronica Partridge. I am a Senior Communications major and Sports Management minor. I am from Cypress, Texas and currently live in a house with 6 of my friends. Although that is a lot of girls, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I am interested in sports PR, but my plans for after graduation are still up in the air.

I am currently in the Participatory Cultures class, I am really looking forward to that class because I enjoyed the Hunger Games Trilogy greatly. Other than that, I am taking Media Ethics, and Legal Issues in Sports. Along with my 18 hours I am involved in the Trinity women’s water polo club, my sorority and I have a part-time job.

I have not taken any type of gaming class and I am not an avid gamer. I am very excited to learn more about gaming. I am also excited to learn how to program my own game. I think that this will be a good learning experience about something that is out of my comfort zone.

“What was your favorite imagination-based outside game to play as a kid? What sort of rules did the game have? How did these rules change? When did you stop playing this game and why?” When I was 7 to about 11 during the summer months we would go outside from right before dusk to everyone was called inside because it was too dark to play. We played, what I guess is reverse hide and seek. Everyone ran off to hide and one person had to search our cul-de-sac area. It was probably the most vivid memories I have of the summers growing up. I guess we stopped playing when got into middle school. We must have thought we were to cool to play stupid outside games. 

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