Matt Kafoury: An Introduction

I visited a few cities in Europe this summer.

My name is Matt Kafoury. I am a junior Communication major with minors in Film Studies and Communication Management. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri and I live on-campus in South hall (the sunny side). I have a variety of interests within the field of communication so I don’t have any concrete post-graduation plans.

This semester, in addition to Dr. Delwiche’s class, I’m taking Beginning Digital Photography, Introduction to Film Studies, Participatory Cultures, and Management of Organizations. My primary extra-curricular activity at Trinity is writing for the Viva section of The Trinitonian. I tend to focus on movies and television in my articles, some of which can be found here (I don’t write the headlines).

I am really looking forward to this class for a variety of reasons. Though I wouldn’t consider myself much of a “gamer,” I do love a good iPhone game. I’m often waiting for “Angry Birds” to add more levels and love “Tiny Wings.” I’m also eager to learn about programming and become more computer-savvy.

Additional icebreaker question: “What is your very first memory of interacting with a computer? How old were you?” My family bought an extremely bulky computer when I was five or six years old. I remember taking turns with my siblings playing “Jezzball.” I’m pretty sure running “Jezzball” was the extent of that thing’s capabilities. I also remember being obsessed with “My Make Believe Castle,” a game installed on a computer in my kindergarten classroom.

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