Hello, my name is Jessica

My name is Jessica Nelson. I am a senior studying Communication, Art History and Spanish. My favorite of the three is Communication and I hope to enter the field of Public Relations after I graduate in May. More specifically, I want to work for an art museum to increase cultural awareness and art education in our community.

When I’m not in class, I’m at one of my three jobs. I am a part-time nanny for two adorable little girls, I work as a research assistant in Trinity’s Art History department, and I have an internship in the marketing department of San Antonio Museum of Art. I live off-campus in an old house with four of my best friends and my dog, Pepper.

Although I have never taken a gaming class, Dr. Delwiche was my instructor for Media Interpretation and Criticism (my favorite core class in the Comm major). I expected COMM 3344 to be about extreme video games and was prepared to re-create myself in Second Life. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned we would be focusing on casual games and board games because they are more my speed.

My favorite casual game is Words With Friends. I play the game every night before bed without fail. I currently have about 6 running games with both family and friends. I like this game in particular because I grew up playing Scrabble with my dad. I also like this game because it is interactive and has a chat feature so you can send messages back and forth with your opponents, such as “Omg. Is that really a word??”


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