Andrew Moritz

Hi everybody, I’m Andrew Moritz. I am a Communication major and English minor from Southlake, Texas and am excited to be living off campus my senior year. I love movies, sports (especially when the Dallas Mavericks win) and work in the campus mail center, so I guess I like mail too.

I’m excited to be taking this class and focusing on casual games since I consider myself a casual gamer. I’ve been playing silly internet games for years, and since I got an iPhone I can play them with exerting all the effort it takes to get on the internet. It’ll be fun to see what goes into these games and what they mean.

I liked the question about what videos games have taught you, positive or negative. On the positive side, I’ve heard many stories from people who have been on stuck trying to beat various Zelda levels for hours on end. I never played Zelda, but for me that game was Glover. Maybe I couldn’t get over how ridiculous the animated glove was, but when I finally beat that game it was so rewarding, I felt like I had climbed a mountain. The lesson was persistence, which is helping out here at Trinity.

On the flip side, that persistence I displayed came at the price of a lot of time. While I enjoyed every frustrating minute of it, I did become a little too engrossed and failed my third grade geography test that week. Although, I’ll end this blog on a positive note, saying that such engrossment also taught me a valuable time management lesson.


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