Aggie Turned Tiger

       Hi! My name is Erin Curtis. I am from San Antonio and I am a Third-Year Communications major. I started out here at Trinity the second semester of my First-year. I transferred here from Texas A&M in College station. Myparents are die-hard Aggies and i thought I’d give it a go just forthem. I quickly realizedthat Texas A&M was just too big for me and Trinity is where I ended up! I was originally a Pre-Med major at A&M then became an Art major when i transferred to Trinity. I love photography and film design and I thought that communications would be a better field for me than art.

       I am currently working with the show Studio 21 for TigerTV and am so excited for my semester to come! I am very excited for Dr. Delwiche’s class this semester to help myunderstanding of video games the mechanics. I have a Playstation3 and my favorite games are any of the COD’s and Red Dead Redemption (actually I love all the Rockstar games!) I don’t have much experience with game design but I am very excited for that aspect of the class. 

       The question I would have like to have answered in class would probably have been:

Q: What is the longest stretch of time that you’ve played a computer game at one sitting? What was it about the game that made you want to play it?

A: The longest I have played a computer is probably about 8-10 hours. When the Sims first came out with the expansion packs (not the online versions like the ones out now) I remember staying on the computer all night just so I could build the biggest house with all the coolest objects you could buy. Of course I figured out some cheat codes from online resources, but I jsut wanted to design the house. It was so much trying to make the sims family survive, I just liked designing.

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