a peek into who I am

Hello everyone, my name is Felicia Cooper.  I am a senior Communications major from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Even though I am fascinated with the study of media and communication, I admit that my true passion lies in health care. After graduating Trinity, I plan to pursue my second bachelor’s degree in nursing and potentially continue on to health care administration. My dream would be to become a chef and own a small café or bakery; I guess you could say I have many different passions.

The first and last gaming console I have ever owned.

As a child, I had a limited interest in gaming. In fact, the last game console that I owned was a Sega Genesis. As you can imagine, my knowledge about the gaming world is below average. I would classify myself as a casual gamer. I love games such as solitaire, Words with Friends and Minesweeper. I am more than excited to revisit games from my childhood as well as try games I have never heard of before.

My first encounters with a computer were in 3rd grade at school. The elementary school, surprisingly, had a very up-to-date computer lab equipped with the early Macintosh computers and a SMART Board at the front of the lab. I remember spending more time in that computer lab learning how to download software and to operate the SMART Board than I do being in a classroom.

My interest in computers rocketed from there. Around the age of nine or ten, I learned on my own how to encode script for website design for MySpace. I was not creating full pages, but I was able to adjust script to make appropriate changes to the display of my MySpace page. At the time, I did not realize that I was essentially completing simple programming.

Warning: Watch out gamers, I am competitive at heart.

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