Intro Post

Hi all!

My name is Matt Coffer and am a Senior going for the big victory lap, mostly because I’m more laid back than I should be. I’m studying Finance and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and live in McLean.

I’ve lived in Texas for the vast majority of my life, and have far too many hobbies that include but am not limited to Warhammer 40,000, PC gaming, prop replica collecting, and playing boardgames. Technology is also something I have been drawn to over the past few years which lead me to Dr. Delwiche.

It’s frightening how rapidly technology has progressed in so short a time, and I believe that it’s essential to have a good understanding of it all as procedures and tasks become more advanced over time (anyone see Ghost in the Shell?). Even more interesting is how companies such as Apple move us in a certain direction technologically by pushing certain products that don’t take too long to become immensely popular.

My first experience with a computer was back when dial-up internet through one’s phone line was still the rage, and mostly I fooled around with old games such as Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and the Starcraft series. Since then I’ve gained a little more experience and work in San Antonio and in my hometown of Fort Worth as a computer tech.


About mattcoffer

I am a college student working on a dual degree in Accounting and Finance. I enjoy (free time permitting) collecting science fiction replicas and assorted collectibles, as well as real-time strategy games and exercising.
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2 Responses to Intro Post

  1. Evan Barnett says:

    I’d just like to say: excellent Dead Space screen shot. I looooved that game.

    Also, what army do you play in Warhammer 40k? I thought about getting into it, but the prices scared me off 😡

  2. mattcoffer says:

    Glad you got my ref! I love futuristic shooters,

    I have lots of IG men and mostly collect but don’t play very much. I just finished a converted Wraithlord, most of my stuff I have gotten off ebay at crazy discounts on either the models or completed pieces. That’s your best bet, b/c $45 for a Wraithlord is CRAZY!

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