Andrew Coe

Hey, my name is Andrew Coe. You can call me by either my first or last name. Doesn’t really matter. I will respond to both. I grew up in Houston. I am a super senior (i.e 5th year senior) and I will be graduating in May if all goes according to plan. My major is Communication and my minor is Psychology. I absolutely love sports, particularly soccer, baseball and football. I work out at SeaWorld in the Education Department but I do some blog stuff for them on the side every now and then. I don’t really know that there is too much else to say about me. If you have any questions ask.

“What was your favorite imagination-based outside game to play as a kid? What sort of rules did the game have? How did these rules change? When did you stop playing this game and why?”

My favorite fantasy game as a kid was probably when we would play fake baseball in the back yards of friends houses. We would be our favorite players and even imitate their batting stances. Same rules as regular backyard baseball. You had ghost runners, pinch runners, etc… The rules stayed pretty consistent but we stopped playing as we all got older and committed more time to actual sports such as soccer for myself and baseball for some of my other friends.



About andrewtcoe

College student at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX majoring in Communications.
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