Don’t Slip on the Ice

This is the Start Page

This is the start Page

This is a game play shot!

This is a game play shot!

The name of my game is Icy Hangman. I choose the name based on the winter season. The weather has been changing from hot to cold everyday. It made me think of melting ice or melting snow. This gave me the idea of the melting snowflake.  I found the really nice and detailed vectors on a free vector site. I thought a simple hangman and a detailed background would look good. I really like the buttons. I think the speckled border has a very wintry feel to it. There was too much going on so I deleted the white border of the background and only had it show up on the restart page. I still feel that there is too much going on visually, but I really like the design of the game. It was hard trying to delete any of the design. The wintry ice feel of the game is one of my favorite designs I have done so far.


Most of my problems stemmed from not linking the action script to the flash file. Even though the target of the action script was the flash, that was not enough. I got kind of mixed up between working on a maze file and a different one. I also had some troubles with sounds and integrating buttons into my movie clips that were inside other movie clips. All those were solved with some simple trial and error coding.

This is a game over shot!

This is a game over shot!

Although I had different issues then I did when I was coding my original hangman game, this game was easier to conceptualize the coding because I had done it before. After seeing everyone else’s games I feel like mine fell a little short. I had the idea of having a hint and maybe two different sections to the game but the time limit got the best of me. I know I could have done so much more to the game if it wasn’t finals. I really don’t know how everyone else did it.


Play My Game Here!

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Samus Dungeon Game

I finally finished my Dungeon game, it is a basic level design where one must navigate Samus Aran to the exits by facing various tasks. Level 1 features a key which must be obtained in order to reach the exit, 2 features enemies that must be killed, and 3 a guessing mechanism that forces the user to  guess which key will allow them to exit the level.

It was inspired by the classic 8-Bit version of Metroid. It was extremely frustrating getting the collisions and doors working, but now that it works it is wonderful to be finished. Many thanks to those who helped me out on this!

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Duke Nukem Trivia!

The Name of my game I created is called Nukem Trivia!


It really is a slightly more advanced version of our previous trivia game, and features a basic interface reminiscent of the classic games of the 80’s and 90’s. The neat element I was able to add was the theme music from the classic game Duke Nukem 3D popular on the age old PC’s of decades past.

As a trivia game it is quite simple, the player must muddle through a series of questions till they reach the end of the game, whereupon they may replay the encounter if they wish. During the game they will have feedback on their performance in the form of text comments from and upper left portion of the screen and a simple score on the lower right. My only regrets are that I wasn’t able to implement transitions between questions, and intro movie clip, and a timer to make the user not waste all their time!

Thanks to all for the help and positive criticism/feedback.

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Climbing a pyramid? Sounds like learning to code

I chose to do a trivia game, and it’s called Climbing the Food Pyramid. After looking at a lot of online trivia games, I knew that using consistent font and consistent patterns was key to making it feel put together. One thing I did want for my game that I rarely saw were lots of bright colors. Since I was doing a food trivia game, and using the food pyramid as the level indicator, I wanted my quiz to reflect the vibrancy in that. I created all my own images on Adobe Illustrator, and some of them really show my amateur Illustrator skills! Basically, though, I tried to keep all the background, button, and texts the same, and I think it ended up looking pretty good.

This is the start page.

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From Dentistry to Wizardry

My start page. Click to play.

The name of my final project is “Harry Potter Adventure Game.” It’s a dungeon maze game that takes elements from the first, fourth, and seventh “Harry Potter” novels and adapts them for the Adobe Flash game medium. Going into this game, my main goals were to improve upon and expand the elements incorporated into my previous dungeon maze game, “Dental Dungeon.” Continue reading

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Snow Ball is Coming to Town

Play game here.

The start page.

The name of my final game is “Snow Ball.” While researching casual maze games, I came across a game that I found highly addicting. The concept of the game is to drag a ball through a maze, gathering the necessary items for each level and then continuing to the end of the maze. In light of the upcoming holiday and the exceptionally cold weather we have been having lately, I wanted to base the theme of my game around snowmen. Continue reading

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Finally Project

The name of my game is “MVP Hangman” mostly just because the word lists are various most valuable players according to their respective sports. Basketball, football and baseball are the big american sports, so there is one category for each and the design choices for each level were based around that sport. The football level has football button letters as well as a related hangman game mechanic meant to show the player’s progress. Basketball is also basketball related, with a JumboTronish shape keeping track. I had already made the baseball level and liked the way it looked, despite a seeming lack of relevence. Baseball is a very outdoorsy game, so I thought a calming blue sky and clouds would be nice. Sound effects such as a whistle, or crowd cheering were also used in various capacities in the different levels.

Guess your favorite basketball player!

The biggest challenge was to keep a running total. I was unsure if I wanted to do this at first, since I believe hangman is a whimsical game with little continuity intended. This was difficult, so I decided instead to have a fun little movie as a reward/punishment for the outcome of your guessing, which was not too difficult once I could sync it up with the guesses and sounds. The keyboard input was a bit difficult, but the way I had the mouse clicks set up, I was able to use the keyboard integar value to refer to each letter. Trace statements were invaluable here, as well as a simple stage.focus = null command to allow the player to use keyboard input immediately.

The most frustrating part was making the buttons and getting them to stop responding after they had been guessed. I decided to just link this to the alpha state of the button, since that was essentially the only thing changing about them once they had been selected. This made the game so much smoother and got rid of the biggest bug I had. Play here!

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